Heart to Heart 

Soul to Soul

Move through Life with Yoga, Dance & 

Soul stirring Crystal Sounds


Awaken into  your Magickal Power, Body & Soul, find your Inner Peace, Surrender and feel the Strength from Within

Be Radiant & Expand fully in Love 


Let it be Heaven on Earth

You have to become very still and listen while your inner voice 

-- the very essence of you --

 tells you who you are. 

You'll know you've found it when every cell in your body practically vibrates; when you're filled up by what you're doing instead of being drained by it." 

~Oprah Winfrey~


My Passion is to share my love for Yoga and Dance, all my Experience, Knowledge and Wisdom. Explore and get inspired to awaken in your Power and Soulsdestiny. Feeling the flow of Joy, Lovefulness and Gratitude for Life itself.