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Kundalini Conscious Dance

Kundalini Conscious Dance

Embrace the Greatness of your Self and your sacred feminine Temple Body

Shakti & Shiva

Shakti is the all-encompassing Divine power of the Universe. Shakti means not only the power and energy that moves creation and creates forms, but also the power of thought and omniscience. Shakti is the power of the sunlight, the life energy of the breath, the smell of the earth, the sound sounds and the feeling and perception of our consciousness. She is all that life in the Universe is. Shakti can take many forms. Shakti represents the feminine Kundalini energy in us and Shiva is the male counterpart. Shakti is one of the Hindu gods and she is worshiped as the Mother Goddess. Every person (both man and woman) has its own Shakti energy, which must be generated or "the awakening of the Kundalini energy". Shakti's journey up through the body can be regarded as a pilgrimage to her other half Shiva, who awaits his beloved. The masculine and feminine energies are united with each other. The feminine energy is seen as the driving force behind all actions and existences in the Universe, she represents everything that moves and the masculine energy represents the silent thought. Shiva and Shakti are inextricably linked.

Your Inner Wisdom

Layer by layer, layer by layer, you peel away every layer so that you get closer to yourself. Your spiritual self. Your feminine energy Shakti represents the beginning, she arises in the belly, she represents life, she represents creativity. Discover the feminine in you by letting yourself be carried away in the gentle stretching movements of yoga combined with breathing, celestial communication (a moving meditation and is part of the technique of Kundalini Yoga), feminine intuitive dances (Kundalini Dance) and, for example, de Lado, an original Indian Fusion choreography and other tribal fusions. The Shakti stretching exercises make your body more flexible, reduce stress and tension, so that you feel more space and can enjoy more. The main thing is to be gentle with yourself, learn not to judge yourself too harshly, but to look at yourself with love. It is precisely because of this softness that you feel the life energy of Shakti. By connecting with the seven important chakras in your body, you go into the world more freely, creatively, playfully, energetically, more beautifully, confidently and passionately. Find depth and find peace during the meditations. Listen to the magical soul-pleasing mantras and let yourself be carried away to your feminine self, your Shakti. She is the life force, the creativity that allows you to express yourself in the free dance, the dance of your life.

Shakti Kundalini consists of 8 phases, and through those phases, different areas of our body are awakened from our being. Physical, mental, emotional levels are all part of the Shakti. The flowing movements affect the meridians, nadis, chakras and the Mula bandha is fundamental within the Shakti for stability, so that you can create from your base and release the Kundalini energy. When the energy can flow properly, you feel better about yourself and you will feel much freer.♥️

Opening with Mantra

This phase is aimed at creating focus and connection with yourself to open up to the experience.

Shakti stretching exercises

 In this warm-up phase, rhythmic and meditative exercises on the mat are brought into the flow with the breath, so that you increase flexibility and help to relax and open energy channels in your body.

Shakti standing exercises

Energetic rhythmic standing exercises and short dance choreographies, they help to open the energy centers "Chakras" in your body.

Freedance expression

From the previous phases, the source of inspiration and creativity has been tapped to be expressed from within, whereby the increased awareness of the energetic body "aura" allows you to experience a fluid interaction between your "inner" and "outer" world. and enjoy.

Deep Relaxation 

In this phase optimal deep relaxation can be released together with the rhythmic integration of the impulses of your body, your mind and your soul.

Mantra  Choreography

The power of the repetition of the Mantra merges in this phase with the repetition of a rhythmic representation of the Mantra in the energetic field "aura" and thus stimulates the meditative mind and through the geometric shape it aligns you and the group energy and connected.


Here is a moment to be in peace and quiet and in connection with your own "inner" world, reminisce and bathe in the connection with the "Source"

Closing with Mantra

Gayatri Mantra






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The Yoga of Dance 


Sara Avtar

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Kundalini Conscious Dance is a very accessible class for men and women, for which no experience is required. A Kundalini Dance workshop is given at a special location with a palpable presence of high potential. Be inspired and immerse yourself in the field of consciousness of deep, feminine transformation.

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My Passion is to share my love for Yoga and Dance, all my Experiences, Knowledge and Wisdom. Explore and get inspired to awaken in your Power and Soulsdestiny. Feeling the flow of Joy, Lovefulness and Gratitude for Life itself.