Heart to Heart Soul to Soul 

Goddess Awakening 

The Rise of the Sacred Feminine

It is time to embrace our Divine Sacred Feminine Bodies and dive deep into our Feelings, Heart, Womb and Inner Wisdom, our true nature. Connecting to the Universe, Mother Earth, Moon, Sun, Seasons and our Divine Sacred Bodies. A balance between the Earth and Source. To find our true Divine Feminine Nature, to reclaim our Essence, our wise voices. Celebrating the power of the feminine in our sacred dance. We all deserve to live our magical life and stand in the fullness of our whole being.

Sacred Goddess of Earth, 

Wind, Water & Fire

Earth our beautiful planet, full of her softness and destructive powers. She is Yin and Yang, she doesn't need us. She is Mother Earth. We need her, she makes sure we can live. Feel her energy flowing through the lower chakras. You honor the earth you walk on, the trees, the animals, the oceans, rivers, the mountains, the sky. You make deep contact with her in and around you through dance, meditation, music and shamanic rituals. You Honor Her, You Nourish Her, You Take Care of Her.

The Temple of Isis Priestess as the Creatrix and The Temple of Aphrodite Priestess as the Lover

Shamanic Wild Medicine Woman

She is power, she is primal, she is Yang. Let the primal woman in you awaken. Be the Wild Wo(man) on the rhythmic rousing music. Let your instinct speak, Show YourSelf with abandon.Surrender! The force in You comes out now, dance, sing, cry, laugh and live. Be energetic. You now get that through powerful meditations, powerful shamanic music. Feel the Drum! Feel Everything, feel the connection between Earth, Moon and Sun. Feel the power of the seasons, feel the wind and the fire in you! Let it be a magical journey  for you, Root & Fly High in the sky!

The Temple of Kali Priestess as Wild Woman
The Temple of Sekhmet Priestess as the Transformational Leader 

Angel of Light 

DIVINE, you have finally experienced the state of divinity, Self-awareness. The lightness in you. You feel light, You are light. ✨ All your chakras flow freely, all your energy flows freely on soft wonderful loving music. Your light makes contact with other shining lights.

Finally, you have discovered who you are, what you are here for, you remember everything. You're Awaken.❤️

Nothing more to say, only Love 💖

Gratitude, gracefulness, Divine.  You are the God or Goddess of the Universe.

The Temple of Mother Mary Priestess as Healer and  The Temple of May Magdalene Priestess as Tantrika

Speak your truth

Speak your truth, you know who you are and what you feel. You dare to believe in yourself.

We sing mantra together, because singing opens your Mind & Body. It will let your frequency rise, because mantra’s are sounds working on an energetic and spiritual level. The effect depends on your intention and your belief in it. Sing the mysterious sound of mantra’s. The sound vibrates to your heart, lungs, belly, your whole body, it makes you Whole ♥️

The Temple of Hathor Priestess as Teacher and Speaker and  Priestess as Queen Embodied Leadership

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Toestemmen & tonen

Awakening of The Goddess 

15 minute Chakra Kundalini Meditation Activation 

Divine Essence

My Passion is to share my love for Yoga and Dance, all my Experieences, Knowledge and Wisdom. Explore and get inspired to awaken in your Power and Soulsdestiny. Feeling the flow of Joy, Lovefulness and Gratitude for Life itself.