Heart to Heart Soul to Soul 

The Way of The Shaman

The One who sees in the dark or 

The One who Knows
                    Evenki Shamanka

What means Shamanism to me?

All my life I have been spiritually intertwined with Shamanism and that is due to my Indian roots. From an early age I had a deep connection with my late grandfather. His Spirit guided and protected me in my dream journeys. For a long time I felt like a light in the darkness for those who were lost in the other world. Not all of them were friendly and sometimes they came so close that I sometimes felt afraid of them, because it can be an overwhelming experience. If this happened then I was protected by my grandfather. My fear often made me shut myself off from my gift, but it is precisely this characteristic that keeps me sharp when I go on a trance journey. So I don't just dive into something, if something doesn't feel right and then I don't do it. Of course there were also beautiful moments when I showed the lost souls the right way to the Light, I felt the peace and quiet come into their souls.
I have also helped people in this earthly world with their grief and pain, by letting them connect with their deceased loved ones. From both sides I felt the peace rising in them. I feel like a Soulhealer on both earthly and shamanistic level. I'm not a medium because I don't feel that way.
When I became very aware of my gift, it was only in recent years that I really started to delve into Shamanism and especially the rituals that shamans practice. And have discovered that I feel very connected to both Siberian and American Indian Shamanism and that may be because each shaman practices in his or her own way. So I cannot say that I belong to a particular Shamanism, I do it in my own way. So I sense what the person seeking help needs and what he or she needs.
My great examples in the field of Shamanism are Ahamkara, Sandra Ingerman, Roel Crabbe, Alberto Villoldo and of course not to forget Kiesha Rae Crowther “Little Grandmother”.

Go where the magic is

The similarities of the various shamanic cultures are about the same. We both connect with the elements of nature, the 4 Big Spirits and everything that lives in them. Everything has its own energy that we as humans need, because we too consist of all elements liquid, solid, some air and energy. One cannot do without the other. If there is a blockage somewhere, we usually notice it too late, we are out of balance.

And precisely with the help of rituals and ceremonies I will reconnect you with all these elements and Spirits to find the balance. To let your life energy flow fully into your body again, to regain harmony and love for yourself, others and everything that lives around you. Live this experience as magic, feel it as magic and let it come to you as magic.♥️

Elements & Spirits

Air  stands for intellect and living from your head. We associate air with breath, lightness, wind and storm. In our dreams we fly through the air and so air represents visions.
Air is the movement itself, the body of the wind. It awakens spontaneity, openness, creativity, freedom and the energy is directed upwards.

Fire  stands for intuition, transformation and active power. But fire also has a purifying and creative effect, new living spaces are created. Fire is a growing energy and means emotional life. 

Earth  Everything comes from Mother Earth, she feeds us. It is real and permanent. Earth represents joy, fears, tranquility, harmony and inner peace. Unlike water, the emphasis is on the forces of balance, the energy is directed downwards.

Water  stands for life and is feminine, mobile, soft and sensitive. It symbolizes the power of the unconscious; as a feminine element it represents feelings, emotions, faith, trust and spirituality. Water always finds its way in life.

The Four Big Spirits of Altai Shamanism

Erlik  “Spirit of Transformation" is a Spirit connected to what lives deep in the earth, the season of autumn and the memory of the past. By working with Erlik you learn to let go of the past, how to clear yourself of heavy energy and attachments and how to bring about change in your life. Erlik's gift is life experience, wisdom and knowledge that connects us with our past lives and with our ancestors.

Umai  “Spirit of Mother Earth” is the Spirit of Mother Earth, her season is summer and stands for everything that grows and lives on her. She is beauty, love, gratitude, harmony, healing, safety and protection. Her gift is that you come into your personal power. She is the creation of the World and protects all beings living on it.

Ulgen  “Spirit of the Sky” is the Spirit of the sky and the future, she is the season of spring. The energy of inspiration, bringing something new to this world, having faith, following intuition, being in the flow, being lucky and raising the energy vibration because you follow your own path. The Eagle Spirit is connected to Ulgen, the feeling of freedom and being able to see the bigger picture. Using confidence and intuition to feel the flow, follow it and stay in it. Spread your Wings and Fly, make your dreams come true. 

Tengri  “Spirit of the Universe of Night Sky” the highest vibrations there are, the universal light. The season of winter, the energy of stillness and meditation, higher spiritual awareness, in the timeless being, feeling peace and tranquility in this ocean of peace. You are aware of your personal talents and gifts.  It changes your Life

The Four Winds

Each wind direction has its own specific wind and is connected to a Spirit. The 4 winds are special powerful forces with a spiritual character that influence all life on earth.

North The north wind brings cool purifying air and prepares us for spring. From this direction you are deeply connected to your inner self and find stillness and wisdom. You look at what is and what is not, of surrender and letting go. The Spirit Erlik is connected to the North.

East  The east wind is dry, freezing cold in winter and hot and dry in summer. The East symbolizes new beginnings, birth, new ideas, inspiration and visions.She is connected to Tengri.

South is a warm wind from the Mediterranean Sea, which also occasionally brings desert sand from the Sahara. You fully enjoy life, your passions and take responsibility for your actions. You have faith in yourself and are completely in the Flow of Life. The Spirit Ulgen is connected to the West.

West brings a humid air from the Atlantic Ocean, a mild wind that nourishes the earth with rain. The west represents personal inner strength, healing and knowing who you really are. You have let go of what does not belong to you. She is connected to the Spirit Umai.

Soul of a Shaman

My Passion is to share my love for Yoga and Dance, all my Experiences, Knowledge and Wisdom. Explore and get inspired to awaken in your Power and Soulsdestiny. Feeling the flow of Joy, Lovefulness and Gratitude for Life itself.