Heart to Heart Soul to Soul

Shamanic Massage Ritual Healing

A wonderful magical massage ritual Healing for you under the guidance of the mystical sounds of my drum, undergoing a wonderful massage to recharge yourself, to let your life energy flow freely again and to embrace yourself lovingly again.

We are going to connect with the 4 Big Spirits, Erlik, Umai, Ulgen and Tengri to restore balance & harmony in your body. You feel the magical mystical powers of the universal light & love slowly returning to your body and soul.

Are you ready for this lovingly enriching experience for yourself of 75 minutes? Do you want a wonderfully lasting massage and a wonderful tea ceremony to open yourself up completely spiritually?

Spiritual exchange € 60.00

Soul Retrieval

A soul retrieval is to descend completely into your soul, to search for the original wound in the soul that caused you to deviate from your destiny. You are going to discover what soul contracts you have entered into and what commitments you have agreed to.

When you have found this way you can return to the healed soul part with all its life force.

The deeper you dig into the unconscious, the more of your creativity and divinity will emerge. The more you can start living a fuller life. 

Spiritual exchange € 60.00

Eagle Vision

Flying Free, Wings spread, Leadership, Freedom and Strenght


Born under the constellation of Gemini, the element of Air and the Full Moon, I feel everything that happens around me. The element Air has a strong connection with everything that moves on the airstream and is moved by it, we breathe air and without air life is not possible. Like The Eagle and the Air, they are intensely connected. In Shamanism, the Eagle stands for vision, he oversees everything and therefore he sees the bigger picture. Because of my sensitivity, everything that I cannot see is given to me by special Higher forces, guides, teachers to complete my vision.

Sacred Shamanic Altar

Soul of Light

My Passion is to share my love for Yoga and Dance, all my Experiences, Knowledge and Wisdom. Explore and get inspired to awaken in your Power and Soulsdestiny. Feeling the flow of Joy, Lovefulness and Gratitude for Life itself.