Heart to Heart Soul to Soul 

Spirit of Shamanic Healing

Ritual and Healing Ceremony Heart to Heart Soul to Soul

Feel The Power of The Shamanic Dance. The magic Sounds of the rattles and drums, the Medicine Rituals of Healing in a save Sacred Space. And with beautiful weather in free Nature. Feel the warmth of the sun on your face, flowers and trees are blossoming, feel the earth under your feet, smell the air and nature. Heal yourself and celebrate life together under the Sun. ♥️


Ground and Root

By making deep contact with the earth through your root chakra you stay grounded. Or with both feet on the ground. The funnel of the chakra shoots down to the earth like a root and creates prana from there. The element earth, fiery red light, is assigned to this chakra. It stands for body preservation, primal confidence, connection with nature and perseverance. She forms the basis of all chakras, the Muladhara.


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Toestemmen & tonen

Heart and Breath Meditations

Breathing is the first thing you do when you are born. As you get older, the breath goes unnoticed higher in the chest . You notice that when you are stressed. Deep breathing towards the abdomen and lungs brings peace. You relax. Breathing brings you into the here and now. Breathing can put you in a meditative state. The breath meditation ensures that you consciously come into your body. The heart meditation makes you loving yourself, processing and healing all pain.


Why we Dance

Dance, dance, dance and your Soul will Shine like a Star. Let the love flow from your soul to your heart. Dancing works like a medicine, healing and caresses the soul. The choreographies are simple and soft.

The best thing is to dance your own dance, to give the soul a chance to feel free. Freedom. Can you surrender to that? 
The music is magical, vibrating, enchanting, caressing, like medicine and healing.



The heart is the seat of vitality, it controls your life. You have a physical heart as well as an energetic heart. They are connected with each other and the heart is the place of the soundless sound, from which the feelings flows that are not controlled by the mind. In the workshop you will connect with your heart using meditation, music, power symbols and moving forms of energy.

Your power comes from your heart, the feeling’s of love. You were born of love.

Love the subtle energy through which all people and creation are connected.


Spirituele wiel

Medicine Wheel

Stone circles and memorials have existed for centuries. The medicine men, druids and many others worked with circles formed by stones. It is a powerful and wonderful tool that shows you how you live your life and how you can change it.

The wheel is used to meditate, to dream which direction you want to go. It can balance you through the movement within the energy fields of the stones. The stones represent the aspects of your life and our soul.

By jointly setting up the stones, we strengthen the operation of the wheel.


Krachtdieren en krachtsymbolen

Power Symbols and Spirit Animals

The spiritual wheel is a model of the cosmos in which we mirror ourselves. The animals, plants, minerals, colors and symbols personify these forces. Each power animal or symbol embodies its own specific and typical characteristic, which forms an independent language in which your behavior and character are described. And it is precisely from this that you can draw the strength you need.

God sleeps in the stone, dreams in the flower, awakens in the animal and lives in man.




Mudras are hand gestures that can strengthen and purify your mind and body by allowing the natural healing life force, or prana, to move freely through your body to promote better health and inner peace.

These simple powerful gestures are used as a part of Hatha yoga, Indian dance, art and rituals.

Mudras also encourage forgiveness and compassion.


Feel free to join me

Are you looking for inner peace and healing? Do you want to feel and experience love from the inside again? If you want to learn how to become more powerful, stronger and more aware by working with rituals, join me.

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Soul Guidance 

My Passion is to share my love for Yoga and Dance, all my Experiences, Knowledge and Wisdom. Explore and get inspired to awaken in your Power and Soulsdestiny. Feeling the flow of Joy, Lovefulness and Gratitude for Life itself.