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During a Reiki treatment you take place on the massage table or chair. That depends on what the complaints are. And make sure you wear comfortable clothing. Clothing is not an obstacle to receiving the universal energy. I put my hands on various parts of the body (head, neck, stomach, back, legs, knees and feet) and the energy will flow through my hands into your body. Would you rather not be touched? Please indicate this in advance, because I can also hold my hands a few centimeters above your body.

Every client experiences the Reiki energy differently. One person feels my hands getting warm or cold, the other can feel a tingling or sometimes you don't feel anything at all during the treatment, but that only comes a few hours or days later. Reiki energy works through. It is therefore important to drink plenty of water after the treatment to remove the toxins.

After a treatment, everyone usually feels a lot calmer and more relaxed. During or after the treatment, all kinds of emotions can surface, such as happiness, sadness or anger. Just let it come out, because that's what needs to come loose.

Reiki has more effect with multiple treatments to properly address your complaint. After the first treatment I can estimate how many Reiki treatments you need. We then make an appointment about the amount and frequency of the treatments.

Of course you can also just come to relax or to recharge yourself. Then you can of course also make a one-off appointment.

A treatment takes between 60 and 70 minutes, including pre- and post-treatment, and costs € 60.00. 
The chair treatment takes 45 minutes, including conversation and costs 
€ 45.00.

Do you want a personal Reiki treatment? Then I will send you an intakes form and treatment agreement. If you only come for relaxation or a one-off treatment, you do not need these forms.

Reiki on distance 

Distant Reiki is all the word says. It's not like the personal treatment, a physical approach. Distant Reiki can work just as well as in-person treatment. It has the same benefits as Reiki in practice. The treatment helps on a physical, emotional and mental level.

There are simply times when it is not possible for someone to come to the practice, but they need Reiki.
Reiki at a distance can therefore be used for, for example:

  • If someone is very ill or in hospital
  • Have exams or job applications
  • Your travel time to the practice takes longer than the session
  • It is very difficult to pay a visit, for example because of your work or because it disrupts your child's daily rhythm too much.

If  you would like to receive Reiki at a distance, you can make an appointment with me. I need your name, your date of birth, your place of residence and a recent photo, which of course only shows you. I need this information so that I can be sure that I will attune to you when I start with the Reiki at a distance.

Then we will agree, or

  • a date and time, when it is a quiet moment for you to receive and feel the Reiki.
  • or I send the Reiki daily for a desired period without agreeing on a time.

As with personal treatment, the number of treatments you need depends on your complaint and/or what you want to address. 

And just like with a personal treatment, you can also book a one-off treatment.

The distance reiki treatment lasts as long as I feel what you need and costs € 25.00.

Shamanic Reiki

What is Shamanic Reiki and what is the difference between Shamanism and Reiki?

Shamanism consists of taking trance journeys into an individual's subconscious and into the cosmic collective to retrieve information using Nature, Spirits and Ancestors.

Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy and a stream of energy that connects all living beings.

Because we are constantly dealing with energies outside our own, both positive and negative energies can enter our chakras (energetic wheels). However, when negative energy enters our Chakra system, our Light becomes distorted, and if one Chakra is out of balance, they all become out of balance.
Reiki uses Universal Life Force Energy and Nature Spirit Energy to bring Light back into an individual's energetic system to improve health and vitality.

The treatment of a Shamanic Reiki is, just like with the Reiki treatment, a personal and physical approach. You wear comfortable clothes or what you feel comfortable in, so that you can lie comfortably. The Sacred Space you lie in is cleansed of all energies before the session begins, so that it feels pure and serene.

What can you expect:

  • Before the session you may set an intention by drawing a resonance card. You use this intention during the entire session where you need it.
  • With the drum I guide you to a deeper connection to your body using your breath so that you are in a meditative state and ready to receive
  • You experience different sensations during the session, such as emotions, pain, sadness, traumas or images. Let it come as it is. By looking at it and giving it Light you let it go. Everything is fine, you get exactly what you need at that moment

  • Meanwhile, I intuitively guide the energy to your body with or without physical touch.

       Or do I use crystals, essential oils or sound through, for example, drum or singing bowl. 

  • After the session we will discuss what you have experienced and I will give you tips & tools that can help you further on your path. Or how you can let the energy integrate even more deeply after the session

Shaman means "the one who knows or the one who sees in the dark"
So the “seeing” is intuitive and this is where Shamanic Reiki shines as it is one of the shaman's most important tools.
What do I need from you? Your openness and willingness to receive this magical healing experience.

A treatment lasts 90 minutes, including pre- and post-treatment, and costs € 110.00

Kundalini Reiki

The Kundalini energy is the greatest source of creativity and awareness. Kundalini Reiki provides a safe way of awakening this energy. Kundalini energy is often seen as spiritual awakening, we think of a good connection with the upper chakras and the source energy and our core and strength in the root chakra. If both energy flows flow optimally, the source energy of consciousness downwards and the earth Kundalini energy upwards, then you are optimally spiritually connected.

The Kundalini Snake or the Kundalini Spiral is coiled in the pelvic system at our tailbone. Naturally, the Kundalini energy flows slightly from the bottom up and starts at the Root chakra or base chakra (vitality, safety, energy). The rising of the Kundalini energy through the chakras, which also flows through to the aura, must be done gradually because it can be accompanied by a strong force. Intense emotions and experiences are released as soon as the blockages are broken.

Which Kundalini treatments are there?

DNA Reiki

This energy form has the ability to heal and heal our DNA strands, aka our building blocks or blueprints. (DNA is the carrier of hereditary information. It contains the code for the structure of the being. Every being has a unique DNA composition) We are able to help heal negatively inherited genes and diseases through this form of Reiki.
You can already notice the effect after about 3 weeks.

​Diamond Reiki

An ethereal diamond is placed in your crown chakra. This ensures that the Reiki energy takes on the power and characteristics of a diamond. It is a strong energy that heals anything it encounters, as long as there is no unresolved theme behind it. This ultimate Kundalini Reiki form strengthens the power of your Kundalini energy, which strengthens your energy field and balances your chakras.

Crystal Reiki

We all have small remnants or accumulations of crystals scattered in our bodies. These are remnants of traumas (physical or mental) that have taken place throughout our lives.
Every time we are exposed to trauma, a microscopic crystal forms. Such a trauma can be anything; from a broken arm, a bruise after a fall, but also grief or the loss of a loved one. For example, if someone breaks their arm, where a small crystal forms to hold the hidden memory and the feelings you experienced during and just after the trauma.

If there are no further unresolved issues or feelings behind such trauma, the crystals can be dissolved and healed. A complete Crystal Reiki session always contains 2 treatments of 15 minutes each.

Birth Trauma Reiki

The heaviest and profound trauma is being born.
Where you suddenly end up from the safe, soft, warm, womb in a cold, noisy environment. To relieve and resolve this trauma, you need this specific form of energy or Reiki.

Past Life Reiki

This form of Reiki heals blockages formed by past lives. We always take certain situations from our past lives that have not yet been processed. By applying Reiki in the past life it will be processed in this life so that the blockage will disappear. For 1 complete treatment, 3 sessions are given of approximately 3 to 5 minutes.

Location Reiki

Just as there are bonds between people close to you, there is also a bond between you and people you know less well, or between you and certain places, even between you and the earth. Just as there are karmic ties. These bonds make us heavy and therefore have a negative effect on our body and mind.

Crystal Healing & Reiki