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DNA Frequencies

The Genetic Seeds of your Soul

New Earth Frequencies

The universe is energy! The earth is energy, not only in form, but also in its totality. She is part of the universe.

We, humans and all living beings live on her and her vibrational frequency is currently raising. How did that happen?

We left the Piscean Age behind us in 2012 and now we have entered the Aquarian Age. The Piscean era was mainly rationality in humans and you can see that, for example

dependence, power, control, duality, self-interest, money, greed, suffering and separation. Mainly the left hemisphere of man was concerned with this and what the left hemisphere could no longer comprehend was put into an external drive, the computer. Everyone has a computer, mobile phone, etc. at the moment, also called the computer age. Due to our prosperity, we have slowly used up the earth through deforestation, pollution of the air, the oceans, urbanization, and damage to the animal kingdom. But the earth is also a self-healing organism and intuitively knows exactly what to do. Everywhere we see evidence that the earth is healing itself, for example the weather, diseases or behavior of people, chaos. Worldwide, we, people, have now come to realize that things cannot go on like this and must change, by working together, recovering and becoming loving again.  

The Aquarian Age

The Age of Aquarius or the Age of Aquarius means great changes, because this energy now has as its goal love, unity, harmony, forgiveness and freedom.

In addition to this transition, the cosmic aspect also plays a major role, that where cosmic cycles end and also start again. It is precisely because of all these changes that the vibration frequency of the earth will increase. As a result, people enter an intensive transformation process, because people have the same vibration frequency as that of the earth. If we stay in our own low vibration, we become physically, emotionally and spiritually out of balance. This can make you struggle with themes that you thought you had already let go of. It is important to process, heal and release these. Because the higher your energy and consciousness becomes, the lighter you feel and can transfer to the new earth frequency.

DNA frequencies


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