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NIA ยฎ

Body Spirit Dance


Go with the flow and dance your own Rhythm

Nia Holistic Dance

The origin of Nia

Nia stands for Neuromuscular Integrative Action (the action that connects the body and mind) and is a form of movement developed in the United States in the early 1980s by Carlos and Debbie Rosas. Debbie was a fitness instructor and Carlos a professional tennis player, together they went looking for a natural way of moving, minimizing the risk of injury. They learned to get acquainted with expressive dance forms, Martial Arts and various healing movement techniques. From this realization the Nia technique was developed, moving according to the way of the body. Nia is also a holistic technique to balance your Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit. Nia is also about experiencing the movement, using your imagination to experience the movement. A Nia routine should be fun, laughter and relaxation. Nia becomes your personal development, your personal journey, because Nia uses the wisdom, intelligence, emotions of the body, mind and soul.

Nia Elements

The Nia technique contains elements from nine different kinematics:

* Three martial arts: Tai Chi, Taekwondo and Aikido

* Three dance styles: Jazz, Modern and Duncan Dance

* Three healing forms of movement: Feldenkreis, Alexander Technique and Yoga.

All these forms of movement not only complement each other but also increase your strength, both physical and mental. The healing arts teach us to develop more body awareness and good posture. The dances develop expression and creativity, the martial arts stimulate coordination, precision and concentration. You gain confidence in your body, feel more flexible and move more easily, you become more energetic. All in all, you feel good in your body, mind and soul.

Nia for everybody 

A Nia lesson is for everyone, young and old. You listen to what your body has to say and move in a way that feels good to you. You do not blindly follow the teacher in what he or she does.

Nia experience

Nia knows 52 movements that are used with variation for everyone's personal level. There is dancing to beautiful rhythmic music from different cultures and ensures that you make even deeper contact with yourself and the movement of your body. A Nia class is also danced barefoot to stimulate the nerve endings and to have good contact with the earth. Each Nia lesson consists of a number of parts and has a focus on the body and an Intent. The lesson is slowly built up from a Warming Up to an intensive Get Moving part, followed by the Floorplay on the Ground, Cooling down and finally Stepping Out. There are many Nia routines, so Nia will never get bored because no lesson is the same. You dance how you feel.  

๐‘ฎ๐’ ๐’˜๐’Š๐’•๐’‰ ๐’•๐’‰๐’† ๐‘ญ๐’๐’๐’˜ ๐’‚๐’๐’… ๐‘ซ๐’‚๐’๐’„๐’† ๐’š๐’๐’–๐’“ ๐’๐’˜๐’ ๐‘ซ๐’‚๐’๐’„๐’†. 

๐“ฃ๐“ฑ๐“ฎ ๐“™๐“ธ๐”‚ ๐“ž๐“ฏ ๐“œ๐“ธ๐“ฟ๐“ฎ๐“ถ๐“ฎ๐“ท๐“ฝ


What does dancing means for me? 

Body Mind Emotions 

Soul & Spirit

Dancing set me free, it connects me with my body, my prana & my chi, spirit & my feminine powerful ME. All emotions and blockages are released and liberated. The music drags me along, to pleasure, delight and oblivion. I go back to the source in my body, my soul & spirit, where all the magic is and where all creation lies. It transforms me to my divinity, the connection with nature, earth and the universe. This connection with the energy of the earth and the sky flows through me like a river. I feel one with everything and everyone. Coming home to myself gives me passion, pleasure, confidence, self love, it makes me light and I feel light.

I am Love, I am Light

                                                    The Joy of Movement

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โ€œThere is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy.โ€

Friedrich Nietzsche

Dance your Wings

My Passion is to share my love for Yoga and Dance, all my Experiences Knowledge and Wisdom. Explore and get inspired to awaken in your Power and Soulsdestiny. Feeling the flow of Joy, Lovefulness and Gratitude for Life itself.