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Breath of Yoga

Yoga has a large number of meaning in Sanskrit. Connect, unite or make one and in the concept of "connecting" all underlying are closed. The human soul is a facet of a partial expression of "the Oversoul" the Divine Reality, or the "Source" or substratum of the universe. The state of conscious reunion of these two together with the mental process and discipline by which this union is achieved is called yoga.          ~Patañjali~

Body, Mind & Soul

Kundalini Yoga

The knowledge of Kundalini yoga stems from an ancient teaching and was first introduced and openly taught in the Western world (1968) by Yogi Bhajan. Until then, Kundalini yoga was only passed down orally from master to disciple.

Yoga originated in the time that people started to live consciously. The ability to live healthy, happily and spiritually consciously developed thousands of years ago and through many civilizations. They understood that human health had to do with life energy.

Kundalini yoga forms the basis for all other yoga forms, because it is about the Kundalini itself in all yoga sadhana (practice).

Hatha Yoga 

From 200 BC new insights arose about Kundalini. During this period, the yoga master Patañjali wrote the Yoga-Sūtras, an instruction for attaining Enlightenment. In it he described the important Eightfold Path of Yoga. This led to the emergence of Hatha Yoga, a form in which the eight steps are applied as a way to awaken the Kundalini and achieve spiritual awareness.

Hatha Yoga focuses on perfecting the physical body. It is a form that consists of 84 postures (asanas), 24 mudras and 3 maha mudras.

Yin Yoga 

Yin Yoga is also a yoga form that has been around for centuries. It is a form that originates from Taoism, a Chinese philosophical movement and way of life, also called "Daoist Yoga".

The contemporary Yin yoga is therefore quite recent and originated in the 90s in California. They wanted to make it clear that this yoga form was very different from the more famous Yang yoga forms, which originated from the traditional Hatha Yoga from India.

Yin yoga can be a healing for people, where the balance between Yin and Yang is lost.

With Yin yoga one wants to relax and stand still for a while. Yin energy is a feminine,

Yoga is like music. The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of the body.

B.K.S. Iyengar 

For who? 

Yoga is for everyone.

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Om Shanti Shanti Shantihi
Om namaste

May all beings be Free and Happy
in peace with themselves, peace with everything that is around them and peace with the whole universe.

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