Heart to Heart

Soul to Soul

Embodiment &Empowerment 

Yoga & Dance

Your medicine is your essential nature, your past, present and future extending in time and place. 

Heal your Heart to Your Wholeness 

Healing & Connection

Healing is the proces to wholeness of Mind & Body. I believe everybody has the capacity to heal and live their potential life. For this you have to discover the connection between Mind & Body. Because everything is Spiritual Energy, also your powerful feelings & thoughts. We are all connected. We are the Earth, we are Water, Air and Fire. We are all beautiful Spirits, we are Nature & we are the Light in the Universe. 

Body Mind Spirit

The body is only an instrument for the Spirit

Nia Free Spirit Dance

When you dance,

Lead with your Soul,

Your body will follow. 

The Divine Feminine Flow

Don’t look for the remedy for

your troubles outside yourself.

You are the medicine.

You are the cure for your own sorrow. 


 It’s your Light that lights the World 

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My Healing

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Toestemmen & tonen

We all have the wish deep down below for freedom to be ourselves and live our most authentic life.

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